Monday, June 1, 2009

and the award goes to kristen stewart for....for doing what?

Twilight dominated the MTV Movie Awards yesterday night winning all but one of the awards the film was nominated for including Best Male Performance, Best Female Performance, and Best Kiss. I think this just goes to show that these award shows aren't based on talent whatsoever, they are just one ginormous popularity contest. If I was in a movie, I'd lose every nomination--if I was even nominated that is--despite my best efforts. Thanks MTV. On that note, Miley Cyrus won Best Song in Movie with "Climb" from the Hannah Montana Movie instead of Paramore's "Decode" for Twilight. I guess all the 12 year olds in the audience had to think about giving even Mr. Walt Disney a chance for popularity.

Just a question though, The Dark Night and Slumdog Millionaire were both filled with talent, art, and story so why on earth was the Best Villain award that went to Heath Ledger not aired? And, why on earth did Slumdog not I guess the shot of Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan in Twilight) dropping her Best Female Performance award on the ground and awkwardly coming to the podium to say "Now I was even more awkward than you expected me to be" was more important than talent. I think she might have been a tad on the high side. 

Not to be the fashion police or anything  but what was she wearing?  Her dress looked like Spider man's costume exploded and her sneakers were not even cute. If you're going to wear sneakers with a dress to make a statement, fine, but at least make sure your dress is reasonably attractive.

I am beginning to wish there was an award show for the most well written books in the world because then maybe Twilight's success would be a little bit more understandable. Poor Stephenie Meyer (author of the Saga), she did not receive any awards for her creativity and ability to write. The sucky acting and hot male lead won instead. For any of you that watched the awards, did you happen to notice how unhappy Kristen seemed to be? It's like every award she was given was equivalent to being given an F on every exam. Not that Robert Pattinson looked any happier, but at least he has something going for him--his dashing good looks and his ability to sing songs that are hard to understand but still somehow beautiful. Oh, and the fact that he plucked his eyebrows for the show.

Nonetheless, I appreciated the comic relief when Pattinson mimicked the Best Kiss from Twilight and got turned down by the most awkward girl on the planet. It made me smile. Many young girls would have paid to be where Kristen was standing last night, moments away from a passionate kiss from "the good lookin' kid from Twilight."

This is totally off topic but Bruno's butt cheeks in Eminem's face also made me laugh. That would happen.

Anyways, back to the original purpose of this post...

To be perfectly honest, when I read the Twilight Saga, I was obsessed with Edward Cullen. He, in my mind, was the And everything about him was attractive, even the fact that he wanted to kill Bella every time he was with her. That was the power of the novel which is the talent of Meyer. When I learned that Pattinson would be playing the role of Cullen in the film I was quite happy because his face fit for my depiction of the hotty vampire. Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, does not really match my depiction of Bella. I was pretty much imagining an Evan Rachel Wood with brown hair, instead.

Basically, every movie is worse than the book--it's just always in the cards but the reason Twilight won so many awards last night was because the book was well written and the cast choice was reasonable (plus or minus a few people). The movie, however, was...lame. When it first came out I loved every bit of it. Then I finished the Saga, realized that the movie was actually kind of bad, and moved on with my life. So why, why, why on earth did Twilight win so many awards last night? I have no idea. 

I guess I have to hand it to the director for thinking through her cast because hey, the two leads called for an extremely good looking vampire and a pretty girl from Arizona. At least she got half of the lead roles right.

Oh, and the New Moon trailer premiered last night at the awards. I think it looks somewhat good, but who knows, it could be like the House Bunny trailer and show the only good parts in the entire movie. I don't know if it's true but a friend of mine once told me that someone on the Twilight cast said, "People who read New Moon are going to hate this movie." Apparently, instead of imagining Edward's return when Bella is caught in an icky situation like what had happened in the novel, Bella sees Edward and he is actually there creepily staring at her from afar taking the cute out of the context and placing a large dose of pedophilia. 

Edward Cullen is supposed to be a nice, caring, handsome, old but young vampire who loves Bella and wants to protect her. He hates himself but he loves Bella. In the novels he was never creepy. 

Who knows, maybe next year New Moon will win all of the awards it is nominated for. Paramore, get writing.

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Anonymous said...

i read the books and loved them and have to agree that the movie is nowhere near as good.
but i guess all the giggly girls who have "fallen in love" with R.P. haven't acually read the book and so wouldn't know the difference.