Thursday, May 28, 2009

a whole lotta blah.

There's something about knowing that makes living so much more reassuring
but what if I just don't know?
What if I'm lost and searching for the next foot I put forward?
What if I wanna shut myself out from the world,
escape the madness,
escape the crazies?
Truth be told, I can't.
For if I do, I'd lose you,
I'd be in the dark with nothing but a speakerphone to shout into.
Would anyone hear me?
I doubt that, but I'd sing anyways.
I'd dream of a pen and paper so I could jot down random lyrics
and thoughts that drip into my head.
Sometimes it seems like I'm glued to my keyboard,
typing away random lines like these ones
that make no sense at all to you
but mean the world to me.
They make me restless at night
so I'd rather get them out then leave them trapped inside.
So here I go without pardon;

People, hey people, let me be for a while,
I don't want to get you caught in my way.
I have all these theories bottled up 
and I need to drink them away.
No, that's not an allusion to alcohol,
it just sounded good,
so I wrote it down
like anyone could.
The difference between this right here
is that I believe in trial and error.
If one thing doesn't work out,
I'll pick my socks up and acheive my goals
in any way, shape, or form.
Today, my goal is to have a good night's sleep,
I'll worry about tomorrow's, tomorrow 
because the circumstances may be different,
I may move to a knew beat.
This may be all jumbled up but, hey,
at least it's out there...
somewhere in that ginormous land of cyberspace.
I feel like Dallas Green right now,
jumbled up "...with endless rhymes
about the way I feel inside..."
because nothing seems to fit anymore,
I'm changing a million times,
finding my own groove.
I would like to make you understand,
but all I have is the power to scramble down endless lines of, well,
rhymeless poetry.

don't give up the fight
because in the end you will win, draw,
but never lose.
No fight fought is worthless.
Everything has a purpose.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Just listen.

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