Wednesday, May 27, 2009

underground diggin' and mmm seaside rock.

I've recently discovered that I get easily annoyed with pop sensations like Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne, let's say, or Ciara because all of their songs sound exactly the same. Wanna know why? Well, it's the corporate sound that gives 'em their millions. Who cares if they have talent or not? All it takes is a few number one hits, a number one bod, and good or bad publicity, and they're set. A half-ass voice doesn't seem to bother most youngins when it comes to good or bad music because hey if the beat is good and you can dance to it, dance on. With that, I totally agree. But, for music to listen to on a daily basis, to suite your mood, or to reflect upon, I am not really keen on listening to Lady Gaga or watching Avril's new Canon camera commercial (that I've seen probably 10 times tonight just while watching MuchMusic for an hour).

"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick," sings Lady Gaga in Love Games. Sorry? That's worse than "Just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-do-do." Yeah, at a club or in the car driving down Highway 7 (everyone who's ever had a account, holler) "Love Games" makes you want to shake your bon bon or whatever, but I'd prefer not to listen to Lady Gag(a) when I'm working at my creativity. Hey, at lest Justin Timberlake and Ciara can "make ya believe in love and sex and magic, oh."

Not to lie, I really like Justin Timberlake, he's got talent and he's got the catchy side of him which is amazing for a night out. But, when someone asks me "what music do you listen to?" I really don't want to say "oh you know, Lady Gaga, the Pussycat Dolls, and Britney" with no other additions. So, this is why I am here. I have been on the search for the past couple of months for underground/breakthrough musicians and bands that sparked my senses. I've found a bunch, by talking to friends, Myspacing, and all that searching stuff, and here are a few:

- Ron Pope
- Matthew Barber
- Sam Bradley
- Dropping Daylight
- Tilly & the Wall
- The Script
- Bat for Lashes
- The Kooks
- Automatic Loveletter
- Broken Social Scene

I've sort of become the type to like music that no one's ever heard. I actually just came across Barber, Bradley, and Dropping Daylight tonight and I'm already hooked. I basically thrive on new music. I will continue on my search and provide an update every now and then but I totally suggest giving these bands a listen. For the record, smaller concerts tend to be better anyhow.

Support the underground music industry, it's better than the above-ground--well I think that, anyways.

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