Tuesday, June 9, 2009

shamwow and slap chop no more.

On March 27 Vince Shlomi, aka "The ShamWow Guy" was arrested for a violent get-together with prostitute Sasha Harris. The two met at a Miami Beach night club on February 7. After the club, Shlomi brought Harris to his $750.00 room a fancy hotel in Miami.

After apparently propositioning him for straight sex, ShamWow gave Harris $1000.00. ShamWow said that when kissing, Harris bit onto his tongue without letting go and as a result he started to punch the hooker several times until she released her hold on the infomercial star. The damage to Harris included many facial fractures. ShamWow was also injured as well hence bitten tongue. 

Police asked Harris if she was a hooker and she denied. Police also said that the two smelled heavily of alcohol.


This morning i was watching T.V. and I saw the Slap Chop informercial and thought to myself, "ShamWow is still around." Well, he beat up a hooker so who knows where he will end up.

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