Thursday, June 11, 2009

one hit wondaaz.

Sometimes I am in the mood to listen to the music I used to listen to as a child. For example, this morning "Girl of my dreams"  by The Moffats came on and I knew every single word. Why? Probably because I watched YTV's The Hitlist every Friday night at 8 p.m back in the day. 

The Moffats weren't the only bands that I glued to throughout my childhood. Bands like LFO, Soul Decision, 98 Degrees, Nsync, Prozzak, Vengaboys, the Spice Girls, and the Backstreet Boys also consumed a mojority of battery time on my Sony Walkmen.

Those bands that I just mentioned, however, were the popular 90's chart toppers. What about all of those one hit wonders that had one music video on MuchMusic or The Hitlist that hit the top of the chart once before the artists would crash and burn? I listened to a few of those too, not to lie. 

What ever happened to singers like Willa Ford who sang "I Wanna Be Bad," the sexually provocative song and video that seven year olds every cold mimick? According to Wikipedia (love that website) Ford had a television, Playboy, and Dancing With the Stars career from 2005 to 2007. Apparently, Ford dated Nick Carter from B.S.B. from 1998-2001 (and I thought I knew everything about B.S.B., well whatever I've always had a love/hate relationship with Carter) and is currently married to hockey player Mike Modano. 

Who remembers the band Dream who hit the charts with "He Loves U Not?" The debut single for the pop band was released in 2000 after being signed to P.Diddy's Bad Boy Records. Apparently, the quartet had other songs as well that were released with other management record labels including songs called "Baby" and "Do U Wanna Dance?"

There was supposed to be a Dream reunion in 2008 with a brand new band, however, that clearly failed as well. The aspired band's name was to be "Lady Phoenix." They were reported to be working on a new album, but who knows where those tracks will get them.

I guess these One Hit Wonders and mystery bands that appeared only a couple times on television were only meant for people who have song A.D.D. I for one, am a carrier of this disability. I cannot listen to a full song unless I really like it or have never heard it before. But, after all of the wear and tear, even my favourite songs of all time get discarded too. 

For any MuchMusic fans, watch Video on Trial for funny explanations and mimicks of really bad music videos from popular bands and awkward quartets from back in the day.

My predicitions for bands/artists (if you can even call them that) to come crashing down in the next few years:
- Katy Perry
- The Jonas Brothers
- Pretty Ricky
- George Nozuka
- The Veronicas
- Karl Wolf
- Asher Roth
- Lady GaGa

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