Wednesday, June 17, 2009

interesting turn of events.

So, this evening I ended up wearing black tights, a black tank top thing (more dressy than it sounds) and a black cardigan. I decided to put the emphasis of colour on my shoes so I wore a pair of red and white plaid cork-platform tie up sandals. I clearly have no real knowledge of what these shoes are called technically speaking, but I'm going to stick with that title for now.

It's basically been raining all night so my hair staying natural was probably the most logical decision for the humidity and the water falling from the sky. However, my straight side-bangs were not so straight by the time I walked in my front door at the end of the evening. This is why I always carry two or three bobby pins in my purse--they're useful in emergency hair situations like tonight's.

I was supposed to attend the NXNE music, film, and conference Opening Gala Party tonight at the Berkeley Church on Queen Street East, downtown Toronto with my co-worker and Editor in Chief. However, that plan epically went downhill once we arrived to the event and had already paid for parking. Waiting in line to enter the Church, I noticed that the bouncer (or whatever you want to call him) was checking for I.D. Did I ever mention that I am not of legal drinking age? So, my co-worker and I assumed we'd be okay because we are Media, on the guest list, and had Media Passes and RSVP'd to the event well in advance. Unfortunately, when the bouncer-guy asked for I.D. I could only present him with my G1 licence indicating my lack of legalness. Thus, I was denied an entry. He was very nice (and by "he" I mean the bouncer-guy) and called a co-worker to find out whether or not there were exceptions for media. However, his co-worker responded, "There is nothing we can do. Sorry, sweet heart."

Not to mention: that the invitation I received via e-mail did not indicate that tonight would only be 19+ and I searched on the event website only to find no results with age specifications. It is times like these that I wish I had a fake I.D. I didn't even have any intention of drinking tonight, I was just looking forward to listening to new bands, watching some new films, and networking--seriously. As embarrassing as that was (and not good for the hair, I might add) we did not let the night go to waste. 

We then missioned it from our awkward rejection podium (still walking through the now windy rain storm) towards the car when we came across a cute cafe-ish-place that had a 25 minute wait for a table for two. Negative. Thus, we kept walking to the car and decided on going to 7 West Cafe, a 24 hour, 7 days a week cafe in Toronto. I enjoyed a green-tea and my co-worker a cappuccino. 

We then parted ways. My co-worker on the road and myself on the wonderful TTC to Finch Station. It may have been a series of unfortunate events but bad weather and awkward rejections did not ruin the evening. 

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