Thursday, June 18, 2009

you're the only thing that's worth holding onto. xo

There is something about the way you send me cute texts,
the way you just approach me to tell me you love me,
the way you say you can't wait to see me,
the way you look out for me,
the way we fight and laugh it off only moments later,
the way you tell me you miss me,
the way your hair sometimes falls in your face,
the way your eyebrows awkwardly flop,
the way you work so hard,
the way you've turned things around,
the way you let me sing every Backstreet Boy's song I've ever heard without showing any discomfort,
the way we can just cruise in your car and do absolutely nothing but eat, drive around, and laugh,
the way you always insist on watching Maurey,
the way I love what you do,
the way you played me City and Colour's "The Girl" in my basement,
the way you tell me I'm beautiful,
the way you hate taking pictures but you let me take a million snap shots of you anyways,
the way you always give me hugs (those are my favourite),
and the way the thought of seeing you in the morning keeps me going tonight
that make me smile, that big smile.

For the record, you're at an eighty-two. <3 

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Samantha said...

this makes me so happy and so sad at the same time.