Wednesday, June 17, 2009

adventures of a busy summer girl.

Tonight, I am going downtown to the NXNE festival downtown to network for FutuReale. I've never been to the NXNE festival, but I have been to the ReelWorld Film Festival and had a great time. NXNE supports new music, new films, and more. The only problem is: what do I wear?

So far I have concluded the shoes to my outfit. They are a pair of gladiator platform heels that I go at the Bay for $24.99--Score! I don't know what the other parts of my outfit will consist of though. I'm thinking to go with mainly black and a splash of colour with a headband, belt, or scarf but with that idea which black top do I wear? And which black bottoms do I wear? I have so much black in my cluttered closets and drawers and putting two together is going to be a challenge. I'm feeling some tights with those shoes I just mentioned and a baggier black top so I can incorporate the splash of colour as a belt. 

I'm assuming the attire is dressy/casual so I'm going to go with making myself look just the in between of that, not too dressy but not jeans and a t-shirt casual either.

Makeup: that's a big issue. Do I go with regular mascara and eyeyliner (and bronzer of course, thanks to the weather in the forcast for today) or do I do something a little extra like a smokey eye? 

Hair: that's an even bigger issue. Simple, natural, with a braid to the left? Or curled with hair-straightener ringlets? I think I'll try the simple scenereo first and go from there.

I actually love getting ready, so this should be fun!

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