Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dirtay sunshine.

I just came inside from an enjoying hour and a bit of relaxation on a long lawn chair. I didn't think I would tan that much because it was already around 3p.m. when I made my way outside so I wore a tank top and shorts. I lay down on my stomach first and fell asleep for 15 minutes or so and then turned on my stomach to readjust and possibly catch some rays on my face.

Oh baby, my back has some interesting tan lines on it (from my tank top) and my face isn't that dark. I love the sun but it apparently repels my face. My arms are always dark and my legs are tanned too but my face and my stomach are so so white. I've been told to try to go to a tanning salon but I think, what's the point? I'm spending money to sit under a light and fake and bake when the sunshine is free? Not to mention, I'd probably go orange with my luck. I'm debating trying it out a few times to even out my awkward tan lines but that takes time, something that I don't necessarily have, and money, something else I can't necessarily just go and grab whenever I want something.

If only I could, I would waste my weeks in front of the sun (thanks Jack's Mannequin) but unfortunately, I have neighbours so I can't walk around in a bikini all the time and I also have four jobs. Time is money so all I can really hope for is that the sun stays strong after 4:30 p.m. so I can get a few moments of heat on my shoulders.

The best thing for a tanning session outside, though, has to be an iPod or a stereo to play really loud Euro Dance music from back in the day, tanning oil ('cause who wears sunscreen?), and a tall glass of lemon water. Twenty minutes a day, kids, it's all you need. I got my fix today but I won't get my next fix until the weekend (thanks rain). Well, hey, summer rain is epic and poetic and somewhat warming at the same time, but I can't exactly golden under it...even though a rain dance does sound promising.

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