Sunday, May 24, 2009

a little extra skin never hurt anyone.

I just got home from my boyfriend's sister's Communion. It was a really fun day and I ate so much good food but I feel hella full at the moment which is why I wanted to write about people who do not eat or hold off from eating or throw up their dinners when they are beautiful both inside and out. I understand that people are sometimes uncomfortable with their body weight or self image, I am too, but there is a good way of getting into shape. I'm not a very physical person but I know that exercising, eating the right portions, treating yourself once in a while, and drinking lots of water is possibly the greatest solution out there to losing weight/getting into shape. 

For example, I have been watching what I eat for about a month now and I've lost around 10 pounds. I feel great, sometimes splurge on food during the weekends (they're my off days, c'mon), and keep to a healthy, nutritious, and delicious diet. I wouldn't even call it a diet, actually.

I try my best to have 300 calories at every meal; breakfast (never forget it), lunch, and dinner and sometimes I sneak in up to three 150 calorie snacks after every major meal. It's worked for me so far and I plan to keep doing it until I am comfortable with myself.

I think that is something that a lot of people who have eating disorders lack--they are not comfortable with themselves remotely. I, personally, am comfortable in my skin but when I have my fat days (like most people do) I want to change. Those days are my motivation but they don't put my health at risk because not only do I watch what I eat but I even enjoy every meal/snack so much more. After eating healthy for a day, I feel so much better than I had the day before, too. 

No matter what weight a person is, I firmly believe that they are beautiful. But, who cares what I think? What counts is what is in your heart. Be healthy, be comfortable, and love yourself. Basically, screw what other people think about you, do what's best for yourself. If you look in the mirror and you're unhappy with that extra pudge around the stomach you should want to do it for you not for Billy down the street. Be yourself is all that you can be and that is beautiful.

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