Sunday, May 24, 2009

green tea is my remedy.

To add to my last post...

Not only do green tea and water help out your diet but they even help out your skin. When I go out to eat, for example, I usually order water or green tea because they're so good, so simple, and reasonably priced [ahem...water is free].

Ever since I've come home from university I've become a legit cheap-o but I plan on helping my parents pay for school next year, so I guess that kind of works out pretty well!

Have a glass of water tomorrow instead of that ice tea or 7 up and if you're still craving sugar, grab a fruit. Not to say that drinking pop once in a while is bad for you, because it isn't and most of the time we deserve a can of pop after a busy day/week, but for me a glass of water/green tea is much more refreshing...not to mention cheap.

P.S. Apparently 3 green teas a day reduces stomach fat (what, what, what!)

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amanda. said...

well guess whos going to go make
herself a green tea right now LOL