Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows.

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
when skies are grey
don't you know that
I really love you
but please don't take my sunshine

My mom used to sing me "You are my sunshine" when I was little and couldn't fall asleep. It was both relaxing and comforting. Now here's the thing, there is no more sun! When I look outside my window all I see is grey

And this morning I was delighted with some more fresh snow...pathetic.

However, I come bearing good news!

Not tomorrow, but on Thursday just in time for Easter weekend, the sun will be making an appearance. Instead of the current frigid -1 degrees, Thursday is raising the temperature to +6. 

I'm counting on my handy dandy dashboard weather forecaster that this weekend will be beautiful. The average temperature for the week may not be in the double digits like last week, but at least they are above zero.

It's not warm enough to wear shorts and a tank but summer is coming, I hope. I am so close to being done school, with one remaining exam to complete, that the thought of gross weather makes me cringe.

It was actually quite funny today because as I was walking back from my Ethics class, I was wearing boots, my friend Ashlee was wearing running shoes, and my friend Teal was wearing flats. Clearly, no one knows what the weather is going to be like. 

When I say that to some people, they snap back with a "We live in Canada, we never know what the weather is going to be like." Well, for all of you that believe this, you have a point. But, could you agree with me on this one... It's April! All we need now is Christmas in July. 

I am sick of wearing boots and my winter jacket. I want to go outside in a sweater, shorts, and a pair of flip flops. Who doesn't? School's coming to an end and that means s u n s h i n e. Well it should.

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