Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stupid Cupid

So I've just landed this really great opportunity to write with FutuReale Magazine which specializes in writing about art and culture in Toronto. I am so excited! My first article is going to answer whether or not there is an anti-valentine's day movement in Toronto. I loved this topic when I saw it because over the years, I have heard so many people say that they are not a fan of Valentine's Day. I say, why? I understand that Valentine's Day is way too commercialized and telling someone you love them can be done any other day of the year. But why take your anger out on Cupid, he only means for the best. Perhaps they feel like Cupid doesn't come around to them enough, like there's not enough love in their life? That's understandable. But how do they heal their Anti-Valentine's Day hearts? Do they sit around and watch comedies about girls hating boys or boys hating girls or do they go for a night on the town and party like rockstars?

I want to know!

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