Friday, January 9, 2009

the creativity has been drained from my brain and I don't know what to call this blog so forgive my lack of originality.

Nothing is as good as your own anymore.

Musicians can’t be musicians because everything they do, someone else did before them. No one is expanding their horizons to do something new, they just do what has already been done.

She sounds like her. He sounds like him. Everything is owned by someone else, everything is an adaptation.

Writing something that is actually new is probably one of the hardest things a person can do in their lifetime. Not because that person is stupid, but because the present has been exhausted. Everyone wants to be like somebody else.

Did you see those shoes she has? I need a pair of those.

I wanted to write a story today but I am currently drawing a blank. I could write about love, but I’ve done that a million times. I could have written a poem, but then I would have to listen to music to get an idea. That’s right, even I am an addict to the adaptation.

Where is the creativity in the world now-a-days? Where is the new sound that has to do with the time? Where are the economic recession movies? Where is the new in the now.

Everyone has an idol. Everyone has an inspiration. Whether it is your father, your mother, John Lennon, or someone else, everyone is the way they are today because of someone else. What happened to the original?

I take my hat off, that isn’t even my own line, to the people who wear polka-dots and stripes in the same outfit. You’re different and that’s a good thing. But see, if I were to stand up and say “I am not like everyone else,” wearing polka-dots and stripes in my outfit, I would be copying the person who did it before me. So I will not do that but I hope you catch my point.

The U.S. has made a change, Hello Barrack Obama.
The music’s still the same…
People are still stereotyped and prejudiced against…
Everyone is judgmental.

If the world just stopped being judgmental for 0.000000001 of a second, someone could be themselves for that 0.000000001 of a second. Over time, I would hope that that 0.000000001 of a second increased to 0.00000001 of a second and so on, and so on….

That’s another problem though, things just keep going. That wheel just keeps on spinning. With cruel judgments made, that wheel is going to spin through the nastiest, murkiest water. If there’s a little less judgment, maybe the water will start to clear, the people will start to accept other people, an there will be a new flow of creativity flowing down stream to feed the lives of the less fortunate starving for a new form of art and culture.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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