Friday, December 16, 2011

a day (and night) out on the town .

Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Sounds of the Season event. I manned the line for a meet and greet with Peter Mansbridge, the host of the "The National." Doing so lead me to taking the photograph to the right. I may or may not have given Mansbridge a thirty-second crash course called, "Leviana's resume," but hey, in school we learn that good journalists have to be a little bit pushy. Regardless, it was nice to finally meet the man my family has been watching on television for the past I don't know how many years. And, it was also great to leave my name with him. You know, since I aspire to be working in the same field in t-minus three years.

After the Mansbridge meet-and-greet, I got to talk to CBC's local news team (see them in the photo to the left). Dwight Drummond, local news host, (on the far left) remembered me from my internship this past summer, even though I only saw him once in an elevator ride. Michelle Leslie, weather reporter, (to the right of me) and I caught up very briefly, too. I met her when interning, as in the news room, the weather desk is right behind the arts desk. Anne-Marie Mediwake, another local news host, (to the right of Leslie) wished me good luck and shared some words of wisdom after I casually mentioned my goals and dreams for the future.

Before my shift started, I went up to the fifth floor of the building to visit all my former coworkers from my internship. It was great to see them again! And, it most certainly made me wish I didn't have one more semester of school left. Even though I want to do my Master of Journalism starting next September, having a secure job would also be amazing. I guess I just have to continue being enthusiastic, optimistic, a little bit pushy and overall very positive.

In fact, those four characteristics were what one gentleman said I was last evening, only after meeting me for under half-an-hour. I was asked to join the CBC's weekend news team's holiday party at the Rivoli in Toronto. I mingled with some former coworkers, got to meet several new people, shook a number of hands (firmly, I assure you) and had a few drinks to boot.

Yesterday's events were a much needed confidence boost. The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I felt I was going to make it in life only because of the people around me. But, I realized that even though the people who I associate with will help, in the end all I have is me. Me, myself and I. I have to trust that I am moving in the right direction. I've devoted so much time and effort to my experiences and my education and I am happy I am pursuing my dreams for one person and one person only: ME!

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