Tuesday, April 26, 2011

god makes no mistakes.

I'm finishing my third year of university tomorrow afternoon as soon as I complete my last exam. As soon as I can check this off of my to-do list I'm going to try and get started on the following:

  • Continue working out every day (since I started at the CBC, I haven't had time to exercise but I think being done exams will give me more time to be active).
  • Try to cut pasta out of my Monday to Saturday diet for real (I started trying to do this last week, but it's really hard because my family eats pasta a lot. I have reduced my portions though, and try to only have it once or twice a week...Easter weekend kind of messed me up too).
  • Start one of the five summer reads I purchased last week. So excited to have some leisure reading to look forward to.
  • I've gained some weight back and it sucks. I'm going to lose it this summer though. My goal weight is 135. If I can get there again, and it's only about 5-7 pounds away, I will re-evaluate and see how I feel at that point. 
  • With or without the weight loss, I just want to feel happy with myself. And, last summer I did feel that way for the first time in forever. I've lost that feeling recently, perhaps because of stress and other factors that I can't really control, but I'm getting it back. Nothing is stopping me. 
Baby, I was born this way-hay!

Nonetheless, I'm feeling pretty blessed these days. I had a blog post published on the CBC website today. And, I got to meet k.d. lang this week.

On that note, I'm off to study for my last exam. I can't wait for it to be done. I will probably start dancing on the bus on my way home.

Love, love!

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