Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's resolutions.

  • Stop getting popcorn when I go to the movies (this is equivalent to taking candy from a baby)
  • Try to see the positive in every situation
  • Continue to try and exercise on a regular basis
  • Continue to try and eat healthy
  • Continue to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Keep smiling
  • Don't let other people's decisions influence the way I operate
  • Be honest at all times even if others may not take it well
  • Take pictures at every memorable moment (I've stopped doing this since I got rid of my Facebook. Kinda sad).
  • Text my best friends on a regular basis (more regular than I do now).
  • Do yoga at least once a week to live stress-free.
  • Enjoy life, no matter how much I over-eat :P
  • Try to call my Nonna and Nonno once a day.

1 comment:

~Abby~ said...

Sounds like some pretty simple resolutions...good luck! :)