Sunday, January 2, 2011

i'd catch a grenade for ya.

Today is my 4th year anniversary with my boyfriend. Love him to death. 
We've come a really long way and he's one of the people who have always been there for me whenever I don't love myself as much as I should.
I'm happy we've come this far.
I'm happy we've grown up together.
I'm happy we're our own people.
I'm happy we trust each other.
We're far from perfect but I'm happy with that.
He's one of the only guys (outside my family) that I can be myself with.
He loves me unconditionally.
No matter how many times we fight, I know that we will fight through.
Last year at this time we weren't sure we'd even make it this far. But, we did.
Today, he took me to Niagara Falls. 
We walked around, sipped Tim Hortons, ate a delicious lunch, gambled a bit, and spent the entire day together. 
So happy.

I'd catch a grenade for ya.
Throw my hand on a blade for ya.
Jump in front of a train for ya.
I'd do anything for ya.


efflorescentwings said...

aw, this is so lovely!
congrats ♥

Tayl. said...

he seems like an awesome man. :)

and your blog is adorable, j'adore!