Tuesday, December 14, 2010

christmas shopping list!

I got my mom this beautiful blazer from United Colors of Benetton! I may also get her a bottle of Kaluha because it's the only alcohol she enjoys and we're running low (not in the sense that she drinks it all the time).

I'm getting my dad a case of Stella Artois (beer). It's his fave and he doesn't have any more. Plus, if I buy him anything else it won't get used.

Wow my family sounds like we're a bunch of alchies!! We're not, I swear.

I got my brother a Martin Brodeur jersey from the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team. It is the last Brodeur jersey from the Olympics ever. Good find? Considering Brodeur is his fave player, I think so.

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Hilary Spencer said...

HAHA that's what my mom drinks too! brown cows mmmmm.