Tuesday, December 14, 2010

all i want for christmas is for this law exam to be over and done with.

I have my last final this Thursday and as happy as I am that I'm done in two days, I'm also really annoyed because I have to teach myself 13 weeks of law. 

It's not the fact that I hate law or anything, it's just that my professor is a degrading fool who snaps whenever we ask questions. She assumes we have all taken law courses before (even though the last time I looked at law before this was in my grade ten Civics class). And, she didn't give us a reading schedule because she assumed we were psychic and knew what she wanted us to read based on lecture topics. Too bad the topics in our text book barely match up with what we discussed in lecture. Want to know why? Well, because we didn't have one lecture. We had a prof reading us five slides in thirty seconds and saying "Do you all get it?" But when someone would be like "No" she'd roll her eyes.

So whatever, I sucked it up. I did all the readings I could, I took notes on all of them, I went to every class and tried to take notes in lecture. I've done my part. However, that's not enough according to my professor. Two days ago, she sent us an e-mail with a list of chapters that we were asked to read because she was "very dismayed at all the questions [she] was receiving via e-mail." Out of that ten chapter list, I had read and taken notes on eight. Not bad considering I'm supposed to be psychic. BUT, I was still really upset that she had to send us this stupid list with additional chapters on such short notice.

I started re-writing my notes two nights ago and only finished last night at around 9:30pm. Now, I have to read it all, know it all, and somehow try and get through 13 weeks of crap in only two days. Fun times.

I'm going to go continue being a hermit. Before I do, though, I just want you to know that I'm not as crabby as this post makes me seem, haha. I am a little stressed, though. I can deal with exams and I'm not a cry baby in that respect, but I can't deal with exams that shouldn't even exist due to a lack of learning.

This exam is sucking the fun out of the Christmas season. Man, my house doesn't even have a Christmas tree up yet. 

I'll try staying cheery! :)

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