Sunday, September 12, 2010


What better way to start the second week of school than to write a little bit about my first week? That's right, tomorrow starts week two of my first semester of third year. Where did the time go? If I knew, I would have made it last a little longer. However, time has a mind of its own. Before the clock tics any further (and I shorten my anticipated sleep), here's a little update:

Week one at school was different. I've started commuting this year. Commuting isn't bad. I don't mind taking the bus and I don't mind the forty-five minutes of relaxation it gives me, either. However, I did not enjoy Friday when it took me about THREE hours to get home. I finished work around 3:00pm so I made my way over to the bus stop. From 3:15pm until 3:54pm I was waiting for the bus. Normally, it comes every ten minutes. I guess on Friday it decided otherwise. At 3:55pm a total of three, not one or two, buses came at the exact same time! I got on the bus and made my way over to the station. 

I, of course, could not get to the station without some frustration, though. Fifteen or so minutes from the station, the bus decided to short-turn. That means, I had to get off the bus and wait for another bus to take me to the station. Once that was all said and done, I arrived at the station around 5:00pm. Then, I got on another bus from the station to the bus terminal near my house. The first bus that came, however, was bypassing the terminal. So, I had to wait for the next bus. By the time I got to the terminal, it was about 5:20pm. Then, I had to wait for one final bus to take me home. According to the time displayed at the terminal, the bus was to have arrived in twelve minutes. It actually arrived in thirty. I got home at 6:15pm on Friday.

All I have to say is this; thank goodness my parents pick me up from the station most days.

I've also started a new job for this year. I'm going to be working as a Learning Support Peer (which is pretty much a Student Ambassador). This job allows me to be on campus and interacting with students and faculty. I'm loving it so far! Alongside working as an LSP, I'm continuing my START position. Hours start this week for START. Hopefully I can cope with paid work and school work.

Speaking of school work... Things are getting crazy already! As excited as I am for this year, I'm nervous that with commuting, paid work, and school work, I'm going to run out of time.

Only time will tell whether or not I can make it through. However, the secondhand doesn't stop ticking for anything or anyone so I guess I should take that as advice. As time goes on, so will I (like an energizer bunny).

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~Abby~ said...

Aghh those dang on buses! :/
Cool job...I hope you continue to love it as much as you do now.
These next two weeks are gonna be really stressful for me; I've got 2 or 3 big projects to work on!
I hope you can make it through! I belieive you can! =)