Friday, September 3, 2010

so long sweet summer.

I realize I haven't written a post in ages and I'm very sorry about that. However, I have good reasoning. I've been busy. Number one, I finally got my G2. Hip, hip, hooray! I went for my test last week and failed but then today, I went to the drivetest centre really early and waited for a cancellation. Lucky for me, I drove well and had a really nice Santa like examiner. I passed. Watch out world, I'm on the roads. Don't worry, I'm a great driver.

Number two, I worked at my school's Orientation. I had so much fun and I am still recovering from the long hours I put in. I also sort of strained my voice. It's a little raspy from all the cheering.

Number three, I've done some more fall shopping. I have been spending a lot of money but it's all going towards something I need -- school supplies, clothes, and other things I need for school. All that's left is to buy my metropass!

Number four, I've lost another two pounds. I don't really see it on me but I've reached my goal weight of 135lbs. I'm proud of myself! For the school year, my goal is to keep my weight at 135lbs but, to also try, to tone more muscle and potentially get to 130lbs. However, if I don't, I won't beat myself up.

Number five, I've been busy preparing for tonight. Tonight was my best friend Cassandra's goodbye dinner. She is moving back to school tomorrow for the year. Though I'll see her at Thanksgiving, I don't want to wait that long. I feel as though this summer has been really important. Everything that needed to be said, was said. Everything that needed to change, was changed. And, most importantly, every goal that was set was achieved. My bestie lost over thirty pounds this summer. I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of her. It's because of Cass that I became so motivated to lose weight and reach a healthy mass body index. It's because of Cass that I never gave up on small goals for myself, like applying for jobs for the school year and finally getting my g2. It's because of Cass that this summer really meant the world to me.

I think that this summer has been the greatest one of them all. Even though there were some blowups and more than enough tears, there were also plenty of great memories and photographs to remember the past few months by. I've never felt closer to Cass and my other girlfriends than I do right now. As sad as I am to say goodbye to this summer, I'm extremely content with the course this summer chose to take. I know that the good path this summer has left us all on will lead us into greater things during the school year! 

I cannot believe another summer has come and gone. 

So long, so long.


Natasha said...

Leviana! I miss you! I totally neglected my blog from way back so don't feel so bad lol. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments this summer you feel very satisfied! ...and you make me wanna lose weight now! LOL I weigh 135 too and I haven't lost a pound in forever even though I do go to the gym sometimes. I'm sure you look great though. I can't believe you finally got your G2! Will you be driving to GH now? I guess it doesn't matter since I prob won't be seeing you. I'll most likely be there on Tuesday though so maybe we'll bump into each other :) Anyways, good luck this school year! I can tell you're a hard worker so good things will come to you for sure! :) xoxo.

~Abby~ said...

Yes I did notice you had been MIA for while. Haha.
Ahhh I love fall fashions!
Awesome about the weight loss! Just keep working hard; and if you don't get to 130 like you said don't be hard on yourself! =)
Awww that's really sweet about your friend I'm glad everything was said & hopefully it won't seem like forever until you see her again.

I knooowww each summer seems like it's getting shorter and shorter!

Have a good week! :)