Sunday, July 4, 2010

sweltering heat and dancing with no air conditioning.

Today is supposed to reach 31 degrees. Tomorrow, 32. The days after, all sweltering hot. I'm pretty pumped that the weather is going to be gorgeous for camp. Rainy camp days aren't fun, at all. However, it's going to suck dancing in a non-air conditioned school every single day of this scorching heat. I'd rather it be warm for camp, though, than cold. 

Camp starts tomorrow, if I never mentioned that before. I have my first camp meeting tonight. I don't know why, but I'm nervous to start tomorrow morning. It's not as if I've never done it before, because I have, but I guess it's just like starting anything. No matter what, there is always a first Monday morning. Even though I worked at camp last year, this year still has potential of being completely different.

Let's see how things go :) I'm sure it will be a fun season.


Suyinsays said...

i really love your writing! i dont know if ive posted a similar comment before, but i think your writing is sooooo great, i <3 it!
just to let you know that im back after a few weeks, so do stop by at

much love!
xxxx said...

it has been so hot lately i long for snow

~Abby~ said...

You'll have a great time!(:
DON'T be nervous!