Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little update from here and there.

I'm so so so sorry for being missing in action lately but I've actually worked a ridiculously large amount of hours since Monday, July 5th. Working those hours has turned me into a crazy, busy, working machine. It's all good though; I'm loving every minute of it.

What I didn't really love, though, was this conversation I had today with one of my campers:

Camper: *crying*
Me: "What's wrong, hon?"
Camper: "I have no friends at camp. I have no friends at school and came to camp to make more friends but no one likes me because I am fat."
Me: "Darling, you're not fat! You're beautiful on the inside and on the out!"
Camper: "But, every one talks to my sister because she's skinny. No one talks to me."
Me: "I talk to you! Am I your friend?"
Camper: "Yeah... but you know what I mean."
Me: "But how about Other Camper, she is your friend!"
Camper: "She's been ignoring me."

This, however, is what I live for:

Other Camper: "Camper, what's wrong? I love you like a sister. I didn't mean to make you upset."
Camper: "But, you always talk to my sister and not to me."
Other Camper: "I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry."
Me: "See, Other Camper didn't mean to make you upset! She wouldn't have asked what's wrong if she didn't care about you, lovely."
Camper: *smirk*
Me: "Name three things you like about each other! There must be a reason why you're friends."
Camper: "Other Camper is funny, fun to play with, and smart."
Other Camper: "Camper is fun, funny, and creative."
Camper: "Let's draw each other a picture and give it to one another after. I love you."
GROUP HUG!!!!!! 

Time for sleep. Two more days of work until the weekend - when I will be going camping! This weekend should be interesting. I'm a little nervous for a few reasons and I've started feeling stressed out. Hopefully that all clears up! 

OH - I'm learning a dance this week at camp to some creepy circus song and I have one more day to perfect it. It's going to be so tough. My body is so sore. 


~Abby~ said...

Aw that's sweet. :)
Don't be stressed! I hope it all goes well.
Good luck with the dance!


Samir Ayadi said... :)