Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wednesday, what a day to work out those humps.

My eyes are really heavy and I want to sleep but I felt compelled to write a blog post about my night. I had a meeting with Dance Camp Counselors from work this afternoon, which was fun. I met the two new counselors that will be joining the Dance Camp team this summer. They seem really nice, they have so many years of experience, and they are so down to earth. I also saw my camp director and co-worker at the meeting and oh my goodness, it was fantastic to see their faces.

Working with the same people every day for seven or eight weeks turns every one into a small, tight-knit, family. That is what we were at the end of last summer; inseparable. However, when summer ended, we all went our separate ways--school, work, etc. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be just as amazing, if not better, than last year. The only bummer is that one of my close friends from camp isn't coming back. BUT, she has a good excuse :P. She is going to Africa to tour and volunteer teach. Can you say JEALOUS?! 

After the camp meeting, I came home early enough to start preparing dinner. Just after I finished washing the salad, my Dad came home exclaiming how he wanted to take my brother and I for a veal sandwich. We went to St. Phillips Bakery in Maple where I had a veal cutlet, rapini, and mushrooms. I'm so proud of myself - I didn't eat any bread, grain, or pasta all day! The only actual carbohydrates I ate were two rice cakes for snack (just to make sure that my blood sugar didn't go down or anything crazy like that).

Then, after dinner, I went to kick boxing. Man, I love it. I feel so good right now; all worked out and showered. I feel strong and I can feel my body thanking me, as lame as that sounds. 

Tomorrow, Tash (and potentially her boyfriend) are coming over. We're going to watch the Italy vs. Slovakia game, in hopes of an Italy victory so they can advance to the next round, most likely play the Netherlands, and lose. Haha. Well, as long as Italy can make it out of the group stages with a good enough effort, I will be happy. I don't know about the good enough effort part, though. Things seem a little sluggish. Perhaps the Italian players have had a little too much pasta and pancetta.

I'm also seeing Nick again tomorrow night. I can't wait. We got in a little fight last night over something stupid and silly that I took the wrong way and something that he shouldn't have said. We're okay now but we haven't fought in so long so one little argument made me really upset. We're fine though, haha. More than fine, actually.

That's about as good as an update gets for a Wednesday night. I think it's time to read my novel, written by a British author, and then fall asleep with the light on.


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~Abby~ said...

I've always wanted to go to summer camp...oh well I guess I'll just have to work at one someday.
Good luck to Italy!
Sweet dreams.