Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Italy team,

Thank you for not receiving the memo that read "TO ADVANCE, YOU MUST WIN TODAY." Though you tightened your head screws for the last 15 minutes of today's match, it wasn't enough. Enjoy seeing France at the airport.


Dear Marcello Lippi,

Thanks for putting Pirlo on, finally. However, you missed out on today's game because you decided not to play a key player - Mauro Camoranesi. I think it's time you and your bosses go back to the drawing board.


Dear Linesman that called an unnecessary offside that, should it not have been called, could have made today's game a tie,

Were you not aware that for a player to actually be offside, their entire body needs to be in front of the last defenceman on the opposing team as well as the ball? Now you know.


Dear every one who is going to laugh at and hate on Italy and Italians now because we celebrate too loud and because we lost,

I have two pet peeves when it comes to the World Cup and other major soccer tournaments - your actions and words. I realize that this World Cup was not Italy's time, but that's no reason to hate. 

Thanks for being prejudice. No one said you couldn't celebrate when your team wins a game. Sorry that we're proud of our native country. Sorry that we take the World Cup seriously.  Laugh away, but don't you dare be sucks if you lose and if your team wins, please don't honk too loudly (I might get a headache).

Haters gonna hate. 


May the best team win.  


T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

omg tell me about it.
i am sooo proud of my danish team, and everyone hates on me for cheering for them. hello my home country forgive me for being stoked on the fact that we had the youngest player on the whole world cup stage. and also that our team hadnt played in the last couple of world cups we just came back! so im stoked we made it as far as we did haha

i had a guy who always picks at me for liking them post on my fb today "are you watching the game :/" and i said... "no i am not, and no i do not care to hear about it" aahaha i was so mad and angry at his constant need to pick at me becuase his home team [netherlands] is still in it... HE WONT BE LAUGHING WHEN GERMANY KILLS THEM!

oh soccer how it gets all of us euros riled up :p
ps - italys game had a bunch of bad calls i was so surprised they didnt make it further! oh well denmark and italy have the euro cup in two years [i think] and then world up again!


KT said...

awwww. i like that you do letters. i do too :D