Thursday, June 10, 2010

ear aches, food, and the world cup.

I have an ear ache and I can't swallow, talk really loud, or yawn because of it. I woke up with it yesterday morning but then by the time I went to kickboxing, it sort of went away. However, it's returned and has taken permanent residence status inside of my ear. Are there no other ears for you to infect, ear ache? I suppose this ear ache is the reason why I've been so exhausted. My mom told me that my body was preparing for the ear ache. Meh, I don't know if I believe that, but whatever.

Sorry my posts have been so random, lately. I've been busy but at the same time, I haven't been (if that makes any sense). Yesterday was the first day I got to sleep in since last week and because of my stupid ear ache, it felt very good to relax all day, do some working out (strength training prior to kickboxing and then cardio and strength training at kickboxing), and catch up on some episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Say Yes to the Dress." 

As for today, things are getting a bit busier! I have a follow up call for work this morning at 10:00am and tonight I'm seeing Nick (since the last time I saw him was last Friday). He works all day with his dad but if he gets home earlier than normal, I think him and I are taking his siblings to their school barbecue. Haha, I'm excited because his siblings are sooooooo cuuuuuute. I can't even elaborate on how adorable they are because there are no words. If he doesn't come home early, I have no clue what we'll be up to, but as long as I see him then I don't mind what we do.

Tomorrow is my Zia's 75th birthday. My entire family (we're huge) is going to this fabulous restaurant called Mezza Notte. It's the same place where my cousin's Baptism was held last weekend. I know I'm going to be eating a lot, like enough for four or five people in a day! CRAZY. But, the food is always good and I think on Friday I'll have more control over myself than I had last weekend.

See, last weekend, I ate so much at training (well, I didn't really physically eat that much but what I had to eat consisted of pizza, hot dogs, pasta salad, and subs), so by the time I got to my cousin's Baptism all I wanted was some food that resembled or was home cooking. I got a whole lot of that and decided that since I'd already messed up my eating habits this weekend, to splurge!

However, I've had a lot of control on my eating habits this week. I've been eating so many fruits and vegetables. I've reduced my carbohydrate intake AND I've eaten less red meat. I'm sure I'll be eating tonnes of food tomorrow night, but I'll have more control on my habits so I should be able to prevent myself from eating an entire bread basket of tomato focaccia, way too many cookies (even though torrone and pizzele abruzzese are my freaking favourite), and every other large quantity of food put before me. With that being said, I am going to eat when I'm hungry and I am going to eat all the food I possibly can but I'm planning to be a bit wiser while making my choices on what to splurge on. Example: Instead of eating forty torrone (mmmmm) I'll have two! Bahaha, sometimes my Italian heritage makes me laugh. We eat so much. Love food. 

When I die, I plan on going to a heaven where I can eat everything and anything I want and not GAIN A POUND! :) 

Speaking of my Italian heritage though, the world cup starts tomorrow! I'm just warning you all in advance, I tend to get a bit competitive throughout the tournament. I love watching it and I can't wait for Italy's first game (which I believe to be on Monday). I know Italy is not going to win it again this year, because that would be (number one) impossible and (number two) too much of an ego boost for most Italians, hehe. 

That's all for now. XO

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Susan said...

love this:
When I die, I plan on going to a heaven where I can eat everything and anything I want and not GAIN A POUND! :)

LOL, I wish there was a heaven like that :)))