Tuesday, June 1, 2010

contamination, what's up?

"Needles found embedded in Polish sausages sold in Toronto by Jeremy Nusinowitz:

Police in Toronto say someone has been tampering with Polish sausages.

They are investigating three separate incidents in May of food tampering involving Piller's Polish sausages. In each case, the customer found a needle embedded in the meat.

Police are warning consumers to check the packaging of all food products thoroughly for signs of tampering."

I took a class on Urban Legends called "Contemporary Narrative" in the first semester of my second year of university and I have the biggest Urban Legend radar because of it. I feel like this story is SCREAMING Urban Legend. It has all the qualifications; mention of authority/police figure(s), has made a huge stink in the media, it's close to home (for those living in the T. Dot), and there are just enough details to get someone to believe that they should never buy Piller's Polish Sausages ever again. 
This contamination legend could easily be a result of a competition between Piller and any other Polish sausage companies in Toronto/Ontario. The next time you hear of this story, I'm sure you'll be hearing about some needle filled sausages in your favourite local grocery store.

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A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

lol another reason why i dont eat sausage ; )