Thursday, May 13, 2010

you feel so tired but you can't sleep.

Since I was up way too early this morning, out all day, and since I ate pizza (and Chinese food), you'd think that I'd be so pooped and exhausted that I'd be asleep. Unconscious. Perhaps, not even breathing. However, I'm somehow awake right now. I came home from my Nonno and Nonna's and encouraged myself to work out. I did a 45 minute work out session on one of my Biggest Loser DVDs. It was crazy intense and I was sweating. I blame it on the pizza and maybe that fried chicken wing. 

I did eat a healthy breakfast today, though. My grandparents just like to treat me with pizza and fried stuff! PLUS, I did wear my Champion Slide n Tones all day and I walked to the mall with my cousin, mom, and Zia (aunt). I bought a really cute pair of boyfriend jean capris from Bluenotes for ... $15.00! I was so happy when I found them and even happier when I tried on a size 28 to find they fit absolutely perfect. They're a bit loose on my waist, but they fit perfect around my thighs. A size 28 is like a size 5/6 (well, according to Yahoo Anw. I have NEVER been that size in my entire life. I mean, I expect these capris to stretch (thank you to the person who invented denim and SPANDEX in one) but I'm just so shocked that I actually bought a size 28. I have a feeling that Bluenotes makes their sizes a little bigger. They MUST! My size 10 jeans at home are still tight on me. Ahh, I don't understand. I'm just happy. I can't wait for my stomach to be more toned, though, so I can wear jeans and a t-shirt without sucking in. I really need to work on my lower abs and obliques. Let's make that tomorrow's goal, yes? 


A Table For One said...

I fully support that you're working out and loosing way the healthy, proper way! Don't starve yourself :(

Francesca said...

I'm really glad you're working out and eating right. In the past month my friend has encountered anorexia so it makes me happy to know that some people lose weight in a health way.