Sunday, May 9, 2010

short update.

- Last night was fun. I am so tired but I danced my bootay off with the girls. Pictures soon!
- The music last night was soo good. I didn't know a lot of songs but it was just good to be around a good crowd and some new music.
- I felt like there were Brits everywhere?! Like everyone had a British accent last night, except for this amazing Scottish server we had at this burger joint beside the club (don't worry, I didn't eat a burger haha).
- There was obviously drama from last night... I don't like watching people waste their lives away. That was blunt, but I'm saying it out of love. I just wish certain people would confide in me.
- Thanks for all of your sweet ass comments :) Yes, that's my hair naturally. It's a fro without some taming, though haha. So...I guess it's not all that natural.
- I am going to my Nonna's for Mother's Day in four minutes so I should probably go put socks on.
- I'm so proud of my two best friends Cass and Vic. They've lost eight pounds so far on Weight Watchers and by working out every day. That's freaking amazing! They started this healthier lifestyle TWO WEEKS AGO! Jeez, if I could lose eight pounds in two weeks...
- I bought Chai tea today. 
- I need to go on a long walk tonight but I'm running on five and a half hours of sleep. 
- Kris is leaving for England on Tuesday. I'll miss you lady. BUT, I'll text you and tweet about you and e-mail you. Have an amazing trip and say "hey" to Lady Gaga.

Peace, love, happy Mother's day!<3 


Kakes said...

I love your hair, and I also love danincing the night away with my friends. So much fun.

~Abby~ said...

Have a good Mother's Day and eat healthy! (which i'm sure you will!)

Francesca said...

Sounds lovely!

I bought chai tea once, because I had recently smelt it when somebody was drinking it, and it smelt delicious! But for some reason when I drank it, I didn't like it much. I've never really liked many teas, though. I'm more of a coffee person. I hope you like it, though!

cara said...

Drama from last night? I obviously missed this, we gotta talk next time we go for a power walk girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I love dancing with friends.
Have fun!