Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I picked up another book to read and I was trying to peel off the price tag when MY NEWLY MANICURED INDEX FINGER ON MY LEFT HAND'S NAIL POLISH CHIPPED. NOT JUST A LITTLE. HALF OF THE COLOUR ON THE NAIL CAME OFF. :(

I normally don't care about my nails but they looked sooooo nice for once and now they look like crap. Well, I tried to fix my nail but that was a complete fail and a half when I had to start cooking dinner. I don't even have a matching colour at home, just something that's (sort of, but not really) close to the colour the rest of my nails are. In the process of fixing my nail, I managed to spill nail polish remover on another nail. My hands don't look terrible but now not everything matches :(. Imagine I paid for the entire manicure without the gift certificate? I would literally have chipped $70.00 off of my bank account when I chipped my nail.

I love how this is my main concern right now. I'm pathetic. There are people starving in Africa and I'm worried about my nail. I should've used that $70.00 to sponsor, or at least help, a starving child. 

I'm done rambling now. I'm going to go get ready for kickboxing. I'm ready to burn tonnes of calories, for real. Like, I want to come home looking like I just jumped in a swimming pool. Okay, not that sweaty, but you get the idea.

I'm so smart, guys.... I tried to fix my nails when I'm about to go kickboxing. I'm going to be punching a bag. Obviously more nails are going to chip. Have I ever mentioned that I am handicapped when it comes to painting my nails? Painting one nail took me so long. I have horrible eye hand coordination.

I need to stop rambling now. I'm wasting precious time. Precious time to get ready for my creeper kickboxing Sensei, Chris, who is going to ask me creepy questions and stare at me and my girls with his Massari eyes. AHHH.

I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.


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Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

Hahaha, you're so cute.
Massari eyes.. CAH-REE-PEY!