Friday, May 14, 2010

my eyes are burning from these onions I just cut.

I'm eating a salmon burger on a whole wheat bun, tonight. I'm so excited. I knew my family was having burgers for dinner, but my Dad came home and surprised me with my favourite thing in the entire world. Nom nom, I love salmon! To make things even better, the salmon burgers are only 220 calories EACH and the whole wheat buns are only 160 calories per pair ;) (haha I made a funnyyy). I'm so hungry and I can't wait to devour my dinner.

I made a salad with wine vinegar, oil, salt, garlic, and basil. I cut some tomatoes and onions (which is why my eyes are freaking burning) for the burgers as well. When I was making the salad, I used the new garlic press my parents bought. It's stellar. I don't have to make my fingers smell like garlic (or really bad bad bad baaad breath) any more. 

My Dad and I are just waiting for my Mom to get home from work. Then the three of us are going to chow down. My brother is out tonight, he's going to a sweet sixteen. Cute. After dinner I'm going to Cass's house and then to heart to heart central :).

I'm wearing my boyfriend capris (which are pretty damn cute). This morning, I rolled down the cuff of the capris and realized that I CAN WEAR THEM AS JEANS TOO! THANK THE LORD FOR BEING SHORT :). I told Nick this and I exclaimed how amazing it all was and he just laughed at me. I feel like I got a pair of capris and jeans for $15.00 right now. Pretty high on life. ANYWYAS, I'm also going to wear this cute white tank with flowers around the collar and a thin brown leather belt. Shoes? I'm not sure yet. Probably my moccasins. 

Anyways, my Dad just whistled (I think). Gotta go! 

Oh wait...that was my neighbour. They whistle to each other. Cute.

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