Saturday, May 8, 2010

ladies leave your men at home, the club is full of ballers.

I'm better than yesterday. I spent majority of today helping my grandmother get ready for her annual Mother's Day BBQ tonight. Her, my dad, and I traveled all over Richmond Hill and Vaughan! We went to five different stores. Then, we ate some lunch and I helped her clean the green beans and potatoes for tonight. I feel bad because I'm leaving early to go out tonight, so I told my grandmother that I wanted to help her to spend more time with her :)  This is the same grandmother that fainted last week. She's still waiting for her blood test results, though. She also invited me to go to Fallsview Casino, in Niagara tomorrow. But, unfortunately, I can't because I'm sleeping over at Kristina's and I am seeing my mom's parents some time in the afternoon.

As for tonight's partay for Cara's 20th birthday, I'm in better spirits. I am not drinking, I'd rather burn off calories while dancing than drinking them away! It's really hard for me to lose weight, because my weight always fluctuates, so for tonight I'm just going to work on shaking it hardcore with a bottle of water in hand. Call me lame, call me silly, call me whatever! I'm doing this for myself as a test. If I can get through tonight without drinking one ounce of alcohol, I'll feel so good about myself. Then, when I weigh myself tomorrow, it won't be such a bad thing :P Plus, every time I drink, I'm ten times more tired, ten times more broke, and ten times more heavy :P I guess this is a win-win situation.

Nonetheless, I am so excited to go dancing with all of my best friends. We're going to shake it and take so many pictures (that reminds me, I have to charge my camera). I am just so excited to be going out. I haven't kicked it old school and partied hardcore, without any drinks, in foreeeever. Well, I always have fun without booze, but tonight's going to be different. I'm going to be in a great place, with great people, and amazing music.

I have to go dry my hair and start getting ready for the BBQ tonight. I imagine I am going early to help my grandmother cook! I also vow to eat only a little bit of everything. The Italian in me sometimes prohibits me from doing so, haha.

I'm in a good mood right now and I don't think anything will be able to spoil it. I knocked on wood there, don't want to jinx myself.



Francesca said...

I hope your have fun with your grandma and with your friends! I think it's good to challenge yourself sometimes like you're doing with the drinking, so good luck!
I know what you mean when sometimes the Italian in your makes it hard not to eat a ton...I'm Italian. :)

T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

yay for not drinking! and yay for dancing! i agree with you on the drinking part i slipped up this week haha and wont be drinking again for a while.. empty calories suck!