Sunday, May 2, 2010

if loved would have saved you...

Some crazy things have happened since I last posted. The kids I babysit were not on their best behaviour, whatsoever. I'm not going to get into details (hellooo, this is still the Internet and creepers are always lurking), but let's just say that I got told by a twelve-year-old that he "doesn't fucking need a babysitter." Lovely. I've been babysitting these kids since I was fifteen or sixteen and never in my life have I encountered a bad night like that.

The night got much worse than just being told that I was not needed, with vulgar language, by a twelve-year-old. This morning I spoke to the mother of the kids I babysit. She apologized and said that I handled the situation very well. Her words, not mine, "You mediated the situation very well. Thank you." Also her words, "My children behaved like oxes last night."

There were punches. There was bleeding. There was swearing. There was a chair involved. You get the picture.

Neeext, I went to my mom's best friend's daughter's bridal shower today. It was held in Toronto and was actually really fun. I haven't seen my mom's bestie or her daughter since I was sooo little but seeing them today reminded me of how much I used to (and still do) love hanging out with them. Unfortunately, I can't go to the wedding - I have to work - but I hope we can continue to keep in touch. They're beautiful people.

I also ate WAY too much at the shower. I wanted to go for a walk with my mom tonight to burn off the calories but you know, it had to start pouring just as we were about to put our running shoes on. So, instead, we watched "The Longest Yard" with Adam Sandler. We both fell asleep and when I woke up I just wanted to go to my room and crash on my bed, but instead I motivated myself to work out. I'm happy I did that - I feel much better now.

If tomorrow isn't rainy, I might go for a long power walk in the morning. Now that I've put that idea in my head, I'll feel guilty if I don't go, haha.

After the bridal shower, I went to visit my Nonno and Nonna (my mom's parents). We brought them water and Rice Crispies! They were so surprised. My Nonno couldn't help but smile a little too much and my Nonna was so shocked that my mom and I came over. I gave them a big hug and kiss! We only stayed for twenty minutes, though, because it was already after 6:00pm. I felt bad leaving, I could see my Nonno's heart sink to the floor and my Nonna pout as we waved goodbye from my mom's car window. I'll see them on Sunday for Mother's Day, but sometimes a week just seems too long.


Tomorrow afternoon I am going to hang out with my girlfriends. We have a lot to discuss. Then we're going to the mall and kicking it old school with some long summer talks and singing. I'm very excited.

Aside from all of this great day business, I do have some bad news. My dad's mom (the one who doesn't know about Nick for her own reasons) fainted :(. She was diagnosed with borderline Diabetes a while ago and was advised to watch her sugar intake. However, being the cute, but stubborn, 70-year-old, but 50-year-old at heart, Italian woman that she is, she hasn't been to the doctors' in years because well, "they don't know anything." 

She went to the hospital after she fainted today, via ambulance, and the doctors told her that her blood sugar and her blood pressure were high. My grandmother's going for blood work tomorrow.

I may talk a lot about how I hate the standards my family forces me to live by, but when serious business goes down, I really feel it. I love my grandmother, whether or not she wants to know about my personal love life. She's always been there for me. Growing up, she took care of me. She still makes the best pasta I've ever tasted. Her cookies are to die for. And, she taught me a lot about life that I would have never known if it weren't for her.

I hope she's going to be okay. I know her head is hard (haha) and strong enough to get through anything, but I'm worried about her heart. Apparently, the faint today could be a result of a heart problem!? Also, my grandmother has reportedly said that she feels she may have developed asthma. 

Whatever it is, I hope a solution will be found. I can't lose another close family member. Thinking about it is making me cry. I'll be ruined if anyone I love leaves right now. That has always been, and always will be, my biggest weakness.


Anonymous said...

pretty hectic weeknd.


~Abby~ said...

First off, I love Italian people.:)
Ugh, I hate when kids act like that, hopefully they won't be like that the next time you have to babysit them.
I also hate going to my grandparents house and then leaving, I always want to just stay another 10 minutes.
Awww and I hope they find a solution for your grandmother!