Wednesday, May 12, 2010

fire burning.

I need to be asleep right now since I have to be up at 6:00am tomorrow morning. I'm going to my Nonno and Nonna's house for the day :) But, I wanted to blog a short update before I go to sleep.

Kickboxing was too fun. I was really shaky because I worked out a lot today, but I did feel the burn. I wish I pushed myself more but there is always next week. I'm going to try and save my energy for Kickboxing every Wednesday and take it easy on my body throughout the day.

My bestie Vic accidentally did a somersault when we were doing these shoulder stands/reverse crunches. I didn't see it happen but I saw her confused face when she got up. I laughed for about five minutes straight. Too hilarious.

Me and Cass danced again. Seriously, sometimes I can't do squats without wanting to dance. My thighs burn too bad. I could feel the fire within them. Shorty fire burning on the dance floor...Sean Kingston's got it right!

I really should get to bed but just wanted to say a few words before I took to my blankets. Mmmm can't wait to put them on. My eyes are closing right now. Sleeping in three, two, one...


~Abby~ said...

Despite the "burn" at least you're having fun!


cara said...

LOL i actually laughed so hard at this post. oman you must tell me about this class in more detail during one of our walks