Friday, May 28, 2010

e le signore piu belle.

I have a big, crazy, loud, Italian family. We eat a lot. We swear a lot. We gossip. We eat red meat. We say Jesus' name in vain. We aren't filthy rich. We are hard headed. We shake our heads and yell full names when we get upset. Every dinner is an event, spent with every single family member around the table (every night). We plan huge weddings. We sing hilarious folk songs and tarantellas. We are very proud of our soccer team and our perfected spaghetti noodle. We love tomato sauce and pasta with every dinner. We are from a small town in Italy that's in between two mountains (it's a valley). We celebrate San Antonio and St. Luke. We bargain a lot and buy everything on "special." We like white doilies. We have too many pictures of Mother Mary in our houses. We're so much more than I can even begin to explain, and that's why I love us.

4 comments: said...

great description! very vivid

~Abby~ said...

I freaking LOVE Italians. :)

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

ahhhhhhh sounds like my family! ; )
what town are you from in Italy? my grandmothers family was from Rome (Angelo is her last name).. and I forget where my grandfather's fam was from, i'll have to find out.. wouldnt it be funny if it was the same town and we were related somewhere down the line???? lol

leviana coccia. said...

Hahaha! My Dad's from a town in Aquila, Abruzzo called "Villavallelonga" and my mom is from Campobasso, Molise.