Saturday, April 10, 2010

the last song.

Okay, it wasn't bad. I liked the story line - though very depressing - and I liked mostly every actor. There was one problem, though, and that was Miley Cyrus.

Before I start - please note that I strongly dislike Miley Cyrus. 

Number one: Her hair in the movie was disgusting. Her bangs were not even straight! I guess the producers were trying to make her look all bad-ass and beachy at the same time, but she actually looked like she never took a shower. 

Number two: To increase her bad-ass look, obviously Cyrus needed to wear Doc Martins - right?

Number three: One of Cyrus' front teeth is crooked. Don't get me wrong, my teeth are far from perfect but her imperfection made it very hard to concentrate on what was actually going on when Cyrus was in the scene!

Number four: Was it necessary for Cyrus to increase the pout in her bottom lip at every moment? Was it necessary for her to also smile like a ground hog? And when the sun was in her eyes - she actually looked disgusted. 

Number five: Some of the lines Cyrus said were a little interesting...[Spoiler Alert] She calls her dad "lazy bones" when he gets sick because he didn't finish a song he was writing. Hello - your dad is terminally ill and you call him lazy? In that same scene, Cyrus asks if his hands hurt. Of course, everything hurts you dumbo!

I understand that she didn't write the screenplay, but still. 

Number six: Cyrus' crying scenes made her look like she doesn't know how to cry. Must be that bad-assness in her (pshhhh).

Number seven: How all of this could attract a beautiful young male as her boyfriend? I don't know - but he was actually quite a keeper! Cyrus did not treat him very nicely, though. 

Number eight: Teen angst, much? Who knew that Cyrus could really be that "emotional?"

Number nine: Cyrus sort of sounds like a man. She orders a strawberry shake in one of the opening scenes of the film and she actually sounds like a guy! Maybe it was the southern accent or her trying to even sound bad-ass.

And finally...

Number ten: Miley wore some pretty interesting outfits! Some included knee length peasant skirts that haven't been popular for a few years, now. In my opinion, her skirts didn't really develop her characterization that much. Yayo - she went from bad-ass teen angst girl to pleasant, loving, beach girl, with an open heart and still a little bit of teen angst. All I can say is thank goodness she didn't wear Doc Martins and those skirts together.

Besides all of that, though - I'd go see "The Last Song." I balled my eyes out whenever Miley's younger brother in the film cried or did anything emotional. And at the same time, I got to laugh at Miley's crooked tooth.

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