Monday, April 5, 2010

i thought it'd be cool to say ten things about me that i don't normally like to flaunt..

1. I can get really self-conscious but I've found ways to get around my insecurities. I feel self-conscious for no reason at all at the moment and I'm going to try and stop feeling like so by putting on baggy shorts.

2. I still cry whenever I think of my grandfather who has been gone from this earth for just over five years.

3. Sometimes I miss people I've stopped talking to - even when I really shouldn't miss them at all. I miss how easy it was to be with you, some of the time. 

4. I have a crooked tooth on the left side of my mouth that makes me feel stupid when I smile.

5. Sometimes I want to feel sad just to feel something. I admit, I sometimes crave drama. Don't we all? Not that that's an excuse...

6. I'd rather listen to sad and sappy music than happy.

7. I use my roommate's mirror - it stands vertical - because it makes me look skinny(er?).

8. I may say that sizes are just numbers, time and time again, but sometimes I even fall into the trap where the size of my jeans gets me down. I'm a size 10. I remember the days when I wore a size 7. I want to be that again. This summer, I will get down to a size 7 pant. That being said, my pants are all big on me. I need to go shopping.

9. The smell of carpets makes me want to vomit. Eugh. Thus, I hate carpet shopping.

10. I doubt a lot of things, especially myself. When I'm alone and get to thinking, all I want to do is curl up in a ball and make the thoughts stop.

With all of those being said, I'm not sad at all right now.


2 comments: said...

admitting how vulnerable you can be is brave!

simply dirty pretty things said...

Some of this is like me, I think humans are all the same inside. I hate the smell of carpet shops and trains. Coaches smell awful too :S.