Monday, April 5, 2010

rant, i guess?

I have to start my study notes tonight.
I don't want to.
Don't make me.

I freaking hate study notes. They consume so much time and they make your hand and brain hurt.

Damn you exams. Damn you! 

I know - there are more things in life for me to complain about than having to write study notes. Take the girl who was gang raped in New Jersey on Saturday - disgusting world we live in. 

"I would get those men excited to fast and then chop them off an inch at a time," said my mother upon discussing this horrible situation that makes every one want to vomit.

I'm sorry - I hate when people complain about themselves like I just did. I'm going to stop now. 

1 comment:

CTRL + ♥ said...

oh no shit i know how you feeeeeeeeeeel.
i have like 3 assignments to do.
and cause of how lazy i am
i have three days to do them in.

and theyre not full days either