Friday, April 9, 2010

i have a problemo.

I think there's actually something wrong with me. Do you ever wake up from a dream that didn't finish and start talking aloud to the person you dreamt about? That makes me sound like I have a serious mental condition, but I wake up sometimes with all of these thoughts in my head that I could never voice to the person/people I dream about in real life. So, I make up a situation in my head and I start talking - not aloud like we're having a regular conversation but more of a made-up scenario to prepare myself for the situation, should it occur. 

Majority of people that I dream about are those who I've had a crush on, stopped talking to, have things I need to tell them but can't, etc. I guess my unconscious mind is trying to make all the things I never got to say almost-possible. Well, when I wake up I don't like leaving things on the edge! 

Sometimes I even wake up remembering real situations that happened with these people that make me roll my eyes, get really embarrassed, or start saying "Oh my goodness, I did not do that." I have to shake my head to get the memory out of my conscious so I fill it with some false scenarios just incase I will ever be able to say what I never got to. 

I don't think this is normal, at all, but what is normal anyways? 

For the record, I don't legitimately have a medical/mental condition. I guess I'm just somewhat crazy.


Barry said...

Hey we're all crazy in some way. On one end of the human spectrum we have unspeakably evil acts, on the other selfless behaviour such as unconditional love. In between is mostly shades of gray. What is right and wrong behaviour isn't always easy to define.

They say that dreams are the mind's way of working things out, a sort of self-repair. Awaking as you do with these issues unresolved, and carrying them through to what is for you a logical conclusion, is pretty healthy I believe.

With the exposure you've had to psychology, would you agree?

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

ummmmmm.. nope i do this all the time! lol

Susan said...

that's completely okay, so don't worry :))