Friday, April 16, 2010

goodbye for now.

I just realized that next Saturday marks the end of my second year. That means I'm halfway done :). It also means that I won't be seeing the people I looove from Guelph-Humber for four months.

Throughout the school year, I often take time for granted. I see my friends on residence, somewhere around campus, at the pub (oh dear, we won't get into that), and in class almost every single week. Then, summer hits and as much as I will be happy to be at home, I'll be missing everyone from school, too.

In high school I had a lot of unfortunate situations pass me by. I met and lost a lot of friends. I don't regret anything that happened, but knowing that I've been able to go to Guelph-Humber and meet the most amazing people really makes me smile.

I'm listening to True Colours (Glee version, of course), and I just want to say that no matter how different we may be, no matter how little time we may be able to spend with each other, no matter how many times I've seen you drunk, and no matter how many times you've seen me drunk, I will always love you! 

Thanks for being honest with me.
Thanks for loving me for me.
Thanks for not being immature.
Thanks for laughing with me.
Thanks for not judging when I wear yoga pants to class :) 
Thanks for helping me whenever I've needed it.
Thanks to the past two years at the University of Guelph-Humber.

You know, a lot of people doubted me after I made my choice to come to G.H. However, meeting each and every one of you has made me not care what other people think.

G.H. attracts an interesting bunch of people. We're all determined. We all have a different outlook than the rest of the world. We're passionate. 

In all honesty, I don't think I'd fit any where else but here. To Ashlee, Melissa, Kristina, Amanda, Teal, Monica, and every other person who I've met in these past two years; thanks :)

To future parties.
To future cram sessions in the study rooms on residence (where we break into Zumba routines).
To future hating on Kimberley Noble.
To future drooling over Tanner.
To future stress.
To future embarrassing moments at Linx Pub by me (yes, I am insane).
To future hilarious stories.
To future girls' nights singing the Spice Girls.
To the past two years, and the two to come.

Love you all.


Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

This post is so cute!

And the whole thing about GHers is so true! I friggin love our school. So good.

I'm gonna miss you pretty girl!
Thanks for being an amazing friend (and support system) these past two years! :) To two more years of amazingness... Woop Woop! lol

And in regards to studying for D&D on Friday, YES PLEASE. I will need it haha.

"To future cram sessions in the study rooms on residence (where we break into Zumba routines)." ---> Friday, yes? haha.


leviana coccia. said...



Anonymous said...

awwweeee my name's there! :)

cris (cristal) said...

wow amazing (: