Friday, April 16, 2010

additional summer goals (I'm not sure if some of these are repetition).

- Get Nick to teach me how to play the acoustic guitar.
- Get down to 135lbs!
- Get a tan - I'm whiter than my Macbook.
- Tell a certain someone that I know everything.
- Meet Cory Monteith (ahhh, imagine - I'm praying with all of my might).
- Keep my nails cute and painted at all times!
- Read, read reaaad!
- Grow my hair really long!
- Work out every day from the day I move back home, forward.
- Get "You must follow your heart" tattooed somewhere on me in cursive writing.
- Go to the beach a tonne of times.
- Have summer bbqs.
- Have Glee parties.
- Take tonnes of pictures.
- Turn my room into a collage.
- Paint really meaningful quotes on the walls in my room, of course majority of those quotes will be by Mr. Dallas I love you Green.
- GET MY G2 (lol).


Petal said...

Aw, these are really nice summer goals, I hope you have fun achieving them!


Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

A. I love your pictures, you're the cutest.

B. You're getting a tattoo?! That's amazing! I want that exact quote tattooed on me too! (I might copy that chick who got it with the sparrow on her foot). You have to take pictures and show me when it's done :)

C. Have an amazing weekend, and I will be seeing you Tuesday before our exam maybe?

leviana coccia. said...

Thanks haha! Yeah, well I want a tattoo. There's only one problem - I have the weakest stomach and I'm soo afraid of needles. Oh well aha, I'm aiming to get it this summer (who knows if I will). I will def. take photos though, of cooourse.

It just hit me that after next Saturday I won't be seeing you for four months and I got really sad.

BUT WITH THAT SAID, YES I will see you before our Subcultures exam (I just have to work in the morning) aaaand then maybe on Friday we can have a study sesh for Desire and Discontent??



cris (cristal) said...

thy all sound great some sound even like mine (: