Thursday, March 18, 2010

when i had no fight in me and the whole world was screaming hold on.

In case you didn't already know, I am in love with the song "Too Far Gone" by Sam Bradley. The title of this post is one of the lines in the song. It just makes me want to stand on my chair and sing really loud. Trust, I do that sober.

I was singing a few moments ago, not very well might I add, and my voice cracked which reminded me that I woke up with a sore throat earlier this morning. My eyes are still heavy, my head still kind of hurts, I am freezing cold even though it's 12 degrees Celsius at the moment, with an expected high of 18 degrees. Maybe the gorgeous weather will do me justice, or maybe it won't.

Every Spring, I hear my dad in the back of my mind say, "Leviana...don't wear flats. Don't wear that t-shirt. Just because it's a nice day outside doesn't mean you won't catch a cold. Technically, it is still Winter." I obviously ignore that. Who wants to be sitting outside on a day like today in a hoodie, jeans, and a winter jacket? Me? Absolutely not!!

The good thing, though, is that I don't feel as nauseous today. That's really good considering in about an hour and a half I have to start an abundance of meetings at work. I have to be alive. I have to be smiling. I have to look my best!

I'll just keep telling myself that I'm fine. I'll dress warm-ish to work and wear my heavier spring jacket. I might snuggle in my blankets for a little bit now to save up some energy before I leave for work. That actually sounds really good, so I'm going to go do that.

Wish me luck everyone.


TheLittleFlower said...

I think it'll all be fine!

Best of luck! (:

Barry said...

I agree, I'm sure you'll be fine Leviana. You have a great attitude and, it seems, lots of energy.

I had never heard 'Too Far Gone' before, but I'm listening to it at this very moment as I type, for the second time (I linked to it from your earlier post). It's kinda noisy at work which is annoying but I like what I hear in this song.