Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's st. patty's day and i'm ready for bed, but i'm really ok with that.

I'm cold, nauseous, and relaxing with a headache again. My friend Ashlee texted me inviting me out to pub tonight, but I'm going to stay in. I haven't been feeling well lately and as much as I think an hour or two out would be fun especially since it's St. Patty's Day, I should focus on getting better and getting good rest tonight! Kris is coming up tomorrow and her, Melissa, and I are going to the pub on campus for a night out. I can't have too much fun, now can I? :P

Seriously speaking though, I've felt crappy all week and if I were to go out tonight it'd be bad news tomorrow morning. I wouldn't drink or anything, but extra exhaustion is really not necessary at the moment.

If I was feeling up to it, I would go out tonight! I've never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day. I mean, I went out for a late lunch and a drink today with some friends from my program after our tour of the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto, but even that tired me out.

I had a "Cool Breeze" at the restaurant and a salad because they were green. I'm not sure what exactly was in the "Cool Breeze," but I know there was some melon liquor. It made me really tired and gave me a headache.

Now to what happened at the CBC...

The tour was fun and I learned a lot. Peter Mansbridge, who is basically the face of CBC and their popular news broadcast "The National," said hi to us. It made me feel giddy inside.

The actual CBC building was huuuuuge. I don't know if I'd like to work their though. The atmosphere seemed off. I know exaaactly why, too...

Well, the people who weren't taking the time to show us around the place were rude. They gave us dirty looks and the impression that we were never going to make it big in the industry.

Listen up all you media folk, just because you think you represent the "masses" aka the elite middle class white man, doesn't mean you can judge me or any other person.

As for now, I'm ready to crash so I'm going to do so. I've never been so excited to brush my teeth and sleep.

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Barry said...

Hey Leviana (I always wanna call you Lev for some reason), sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better by the time you read this.

I like the way you buck against the establishment. Fight the man!

Oh, and I've been there as far as feeling like people are looking down on you (on my job). I just do what I do best and let time prove to them who I am. They usually come around eventually. :)