Tuesday, March 30, 2010

watch new gossip girl!!

If you haven't watched the new gossip girl episode from last night, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Here's what it consists of:

- Roofies
- Nate Archibald
- Hotels 
- Liars
- Slimey Vanessa
- Daniel Humphrey <3 
- A certain someone comes back to play--and no, it's not Georgina
- J gets screwed over
- Eleanor Waldorf didn't fall off the face of the earth
- D R A M A! 


Suyinsays said...

oooooh youre so lucky you get it earlier over there!

A@ Please Don't Eat Me! said...

i dont watch gossip girl.. but i decided to comment because we have the same last name.. lol
we may be indirectly related somewhere along the way! haha

kInterisano said...

I once asked my friend to make me a "Roofie Colada" without realizing what it meant.

In regards to tomorrow's shoot...can you come up to the studio on the fourth floor? And can you bring the hat you wore when we did the photoshoot back in the fall? As for clothes, something girly?

TehrenAnaiis said...

that episode was tragic on so many levels!!! cant wait for next week now!