Saturday, March 6, 2010

springtime shopping.

I finally bought a pair of moccasins from Softmoc! The pair, as shown above, are officially mine and I got them on sale too! The moccs were originally $59.99 and they were priced at $39.99! Hello 33 per cent savings!

I've been looking for a decent priced pair of moccs since December.

I also bought a spring jacket from Forever XXI. It was $20.50! Though it's not exactly like the spring jacket I blogged about earlier, it's quite similar. The jacket is blue, has buttons, but doesn't have a hood. I love it. I'm quite happy.

I love spring because that means new clothes and new outerwear :)


A Sight To Be Seen said...

cutest shoes in the world!!

curr said...

cute shoes!! I actually had a dream about ballerina moccasins,but these are cuter...was that a total crack head comment or what?
aha love u