Friday, March 19, 2010

selective hearing.

People are hypocrites.
People like to use you for certain things.
They also make you feel bad when you ignore them for doing this.
Then, though, when they magically adopt a selective hearing problem, they don't turn to you when you need them to answer.
They like to focus on issues that are important to them and sugar coat everything.
I probably shouldn't focus on that last statement too much, since every one does it. Well, I do anyways. But, I don't like how when something is completely wrong, some people pretend that it's right. I've tried to stop sugar coating things, and so can you.
People like to cling.
They like to obsess over one person or one incident and stress it over, and over, and over.
I understand that most of these incidents that people stress over had a significant impact on them.
i understand that maybe their heart hasn't properly healed.
It's just frustrating when I can't turn my selective hearing on.

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Barry said...

I'd love to see you do a post that's the total opposite to this, listing the best qualities in the people you know. Whaddya think? Might be interesting. :)