Friday, March 19, 2010


I woke up sweating. Having a few drinks the night before does that to me all the time. I wake up in a startle and with, what feels like, the worst hot flash since my last menstrual cycle. Sorry if you're a guy and you just read that analogy and got grossed out. If you were a girl, you'd understand :P No hate against guys, by the way, just emphasizing that you can't ever physically know what that analogy means, let alone feels like.

Besides the sweat, I woke up with an even more sore throat than yesterday. It hurts to talk. I don't think that's the alcohol's fault, because I didn't drink that much. I was just hyper last night. I don't even have a headache right now, which is fabulous.

Last night was pretty fun, but we didn't go to pub. At around 10:30p.m. we made our way over to Linx to find five really creepy guys sitting at tables and staring around waiting for some girls to dance. So Kris and I started dancing and then that sugar rush ended, so we left and just decided to wander res. I haven't done that in forever and it was pretty fun. Kris found a circular piece of wood in the parking lot and brought it with us throughout our "journey" and got every person she could see to sign it. Now, it's sitting in the middle mine and Melissa's little table in our suite. He's cute. Oh, yes, the piece of wood is a boy.

After we wandered every single floor in residence, we came back to mine and Melissa's room and ordered pizza. The pizza man on the phone was so interesting. We just wanted a medium cheese pizza but he kept telling me that I was two dollars short. Short of what...? We would be paying him once he brought us our pizza. So he asked me if we wanted drinks or dipping sauce. I said no. Then he said that I was still short two dollars because they were having a special. I still don't know what this special is or why I was ever short two dollars, but he convinced me into ordering an X-large cheese pizza for three people for under fifteen bucks! We ate all but one piece. There were only twelve slices in the's not as if the pizza had 24 slices like a normal XL pizza does :)

By the time we went to sleep, it was around 2 in the morning. Kris left at 8;00a.m. to go to class and my class doesn't start until 11:45a.m. so I have the next little while to pack, grab some breakfast, and get ready for class.

It's my little cousin's birthday party tonight :) I'll probably get home at around 2:00p.m. and shower, relax for a while, and then get ready to go to my Zia's house for the birthday! They are always pretty intense...

Well that's last night and today, for you. I know, my life is pretty exciting :|


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