Sunday, March 14, 2010


I met this girl today who decided to tell me her entire life story, including how much a white jacket (sold at a store for $40.00) was on the Internet. Curious? It was $7.00. She also alluded to the fact that she might have a slight online shopping problem. Apparently, she goes to the mall every Friday on her day off instead of doing homework/readings.

I don't know why, but this girl began telling me that she doesn't want to work too hard on school work during her first and second year of study because the person who does no work at all and still passes with a low 50 per cent, will get the same piece of paper at the end of it all. In other words, she doesn't care what her marks are (as long as she passes) because her degree/diploma at the end of her four years of study is going to say the exact same as the next person's.

Then she asked me if I received any scholarships from school. I said yes and she was in shock at how much I had received from the school for an average above 80 per cent in my first year of study. I said, well I worked really hard and as a result, I got a scholarship that helped me out financially.

Then this girl told me that she wished she went to school in France because education is free there. She said that we pay way too much for education! She then began talking about how when she goes to school events and they have free food, it's not really free because they pay for the food with part of our tuition money. I nodded, because I knew this is and always will be the case. It's not possible for food to be grown, produced, and eaten for free. She told me that was crazy and I said, "If you don't like it, why don't you move to France where you don't have to pay for education at all."

She didn't answer me.

Number one, why are you spending money on useless articles of clothing every single week when you are a student and you claim you can't afford education, let alone "free" food?

Number two, why did you choose to tell me that you don't work hard in school because as long as you pass, you'll get your degree/diploma? I freaking hate people who think like that. Do the most work you can in the best possible way, with minimal slacking (because obviously we are going to slack), and you will get the most out of your education. Education is not just a piece of paper, it is a stepping stone. Not everyone has the luxury of going to post-secondary education, suck it up and be happy that you're here.

Number three, move to France. Find a french husband and marry your way into free education.

Number four, I'm done ranting now. I feel better. This was bothering me all day.


If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them -- NRC said...

Sometimes people are very careless and ungrateful with things in life. Hopefully she will learn that things in life are not free and she needs to be responsible for herself and her education.

tash.gagnon said...

I would of had the same reaction! And I definitely was not aware there's free schooling in France. Anyways, I'm glad your interview went well and I hope you get the position :)

Anonymous said...


neverfit said...

ugh, that person sucks. I'm glad you at least shut them up! At elast you'll get farther in life than they will; trust me. Those with no ambition get NOWHERE.