Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i keep hearing our song.

It's Wednesday before work which means that I would normally be writing a post about how fast this week has gone by-bla bla bla. However, I am going to be writing about my week so far. I realize I haven't written too much this week which has provoked this Wednesday afternoon ramble.

First things first, Monday! Monday was a long day. It was the first time in two weeks that I had 8 hours of class all in at once. Two weeks ago, one of my Monday classes was canceled due to a field trip to CBC! Last week, my professor in that same class was sick. So on Monday I sat in jeans and a cardigan anticipating 8:00p.m. when I could run back to residence, eat, and spend some time with my boyfriend.

It was at this point that I realized Gossip Girl was on at 9:00p.m.--which was when my boyfriend was expected to arrive. I called him and asked if he'd like to watch the show with my roommate and I. Obviously, he declined and decided to come at 10:00p.m. But, when my roommate and I went into the lounge to watch Gossip Girl, it was occupied meaning that we could not use the television. Sucky.

Monday night turned out to be okay, though. I showered and got ready for bed just in time for Nick to come. We snuggled. It was a good night.

Second, Tuesday! Tuesday was pretty good. I went to work at 9:30a.m. and got so so many things done. Then, I came back to residence around lunch time and devoured two canneloni that my Nonna made last weekend. Delicious. I have four more. :) After lunch, I went to my class where we learned about fandoms and Lord of the Ringers--which happen to be hardcore fans of the books and films.

After class, my roommate and I went to yoga where I worked out my arms and core like a crazy person. The yoga teacher on Tuesday and Wednesday nights is so intense. I feel great after the class but during it, I want to curl into a ball and sleep. However, I have noticed that my arms are not as flabby as they once were. Thank you yoga, very much!

After yoga, my roommate and I grabbed some grub from the caf. It wasn't too delicious but whatever, I've gotten over the level of disgusting that res food reaches.

After dinner, I started writing my Subcultures paper on the modern all-girl Do It Yourself ethos. It has been much harder than expected. I have all of this information and all of these great points to make, but I don't really like the way my paper reads at the moment. At least I can check "Start Subcultures Paper" off of my To-Do list!

Then came today! This morning I went to the school to help my friend Kristina with her studio class assignment. It was pretty fun. I thought I'd be a really awkward model as always, but I felt more comfortable this time. I don't think the comfort I felt was a result of Kristina's interesting teacher, though. Her professor told me I have beautiful cheeks. He also commented on the fact that I pulled my shirt up while posing to avoid exposing clevage. Interesting. Whatever, it was pretty funny and I love photographs.

After the photo opp I went back to res and tidied up my room a bit. Then, I met Nick for lunch and homework. Now, I am here listening to Destiny's Child and preparing myself (mentally) for the next three hours of my life--work at the Homework Club with disadvantaged high school students and yoga.

Once all of that is said and done, I plan on grabbing some food (or potentially eating the canneloni in my fridge) and packing. Yes, I am going home late tomorrow night, (after class, work, yoga, and dinner with the boy) for Easter weekend!

Well that was a longer update then I expected to write... Oh well.

I need to get ready for work!

(P.S. Sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors in this post. I didn't proofread it properly).


kInterisano said...

The pictures from today look amazing! I can't wait for you to see them. Thanks again xoxo

Susan said...

wow, what a week! :))
happy Easter to you, xoxo